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Prayer Requests

Would you like the ministry team to pray for you?  Please Contact Us and let us know!


The current environment is causing a lot of extra expense. Pray that extra financial needs arer met!


Pray for the Board

Members, especially the 

President of the



That Tom's boys will grow in the power of the Holy Spirit and be

willing for God's will in their lives


Tom and the boys need your prayers right now. The situation in the country is causing alot of upheaval in the activities that they normally do. Pray for their safety. their needed supplies of food, financial needs, etc. Don't forget to pray for those involved in the current issues: the army, the police, and yes, the gangs! Pray for God's hand in a peaceful solution to the violence!


No one in Tom's household has been hurt,


That the Lord will guide Tom and his staff

in their everyday decisions, that many will be drawn to the saving power of Christ!

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