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Discipleship Programs



Ignite Your Faith Ministries was founded not to take care of the people of Haiti, but rather to work with the people of Haiti to help them take care of themselves.  This includes spiritual training, sports, health, repairs and much more.

At this time all of the staff members working on site at the mission in paid positions are Haitian born, with the exception of Thomas Osbeck, who is the founder and director of the mission.  Several of the staff have attended college either in Haiti or abroad.  

The staff attends meetings, classes and receives individual training as needed and then they implement the programs at the mission.   This is why we say "We make disciples, who make disciples while providing practical programs to help and educate."  

The IYFM board members all live in the United States and offer their support, education and advice.  Many members of the board have traveled to Haiti to help with a variety of projects and staff training.

We also are fortunate to have the help and support of several churches and other organizations.  Many teams have visited the mission to work side by side with our mission team and often hold classes or training that help further our goals.  Some of these classes focus on the spiritual side of the ministry and other times they focus on very practical matters.

Under the supervision of Tom, the staff operates several programs in the St. Christophe, Haiti area.  These programs include visitation, water delivery, youth programs, prison outreach, goat program, bible studies, English classes and much more.  

We are constantly trying working to grow and improve the programs we offer to meet the needs of the people we serve and more importantly to make sure they know we are here because God loves them.  The staff is taught leadership skills and we have regular staff meetings to discuss what is, or is not working.  

Please visit the staff pages, and the points of Action to find out more about how we are working to change lives here in Haiti.

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