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Plan a Mission Trip

Currently "ON HOLD"

Because of the current unrest in the country, the IYFM Mission Board has temporarily put all volunteer mission activities on hold. We are praying that God will intervene in the prevailing unrest and that we can soon resume hosting our mission volunteers.


We appreciate your being interested in donating your time to our mission.


Ignite Your Faith Ministries always values the help and support of our friends.  We enjoy time to get together and fellowship with some of the people who help support and pray for the ministry throughout the year.  

We hope you'll be open to coming for a visit with your group and working with our missions team and the local people toward a common goal.  There are all sorts of possibilities, often medical groups, building groups, discipleship groups and people who can teach a skill are good matches, but we are open to proposals from anyone interested in visiting.  

A typical one week trip will cost around $500.00 per person plus the cost of airfare.  It is possible to add on a side trip to the Dominican Republic while you are here.

For more information about visiting the mission here in St Christophe, Haiti please e-mail  Thomas Osbeck at


Please include your group size, desired dates, special skills, special needs and any other information you'd like to share about your group in your first email.  Thank you!

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Katie Joy 3
Carrie in Haiti
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Helping elderly
Doctor Ron and the kids
Katie Joy 2
Group working
boys with Sarah and Maddie
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