Tom's House

Over the years our missionary Tom, has taken many orphaned and abandoned children into his own home. At the time of this posting, Tom currently has 14 young boys living in his home.  These boys get food, clean water, clothing, an education, biblical training, a loving home and health care as God provides.

Meet Tom's Boys

Sonnyson, age 6

Sonny was hit by a car when he was only two years old and did not receive proper care.  Since coming to live at Poppy Tom's house he has starting getting some help to rehab his leg.  This will be a long process and we are all so thankful that he is thriving in his new home. 

Dickie, age 8

Dickie is the son of Tom's oldest boy. When Dickie was 3, his dad was working night security and grandma was raising him. His grandma was unable to care for him so Dickie came to live at Tom's house.


He speaks perfect English, has a great sense of humor, loves to sneak Tom's Mountain Dew and play soccer 

Ronaldo, age 17

Two years ago Tom found Ronaldo homeless; kinda of, living under some sticks and plastic, called a home.


Tom brought Ronaldo home for two weeks...two years later, he is still living at Tom's House.


Ronaldo is the most serious about his faith, an 'all God all the time' guy, he helps cook, with things around the house and helps with younger boys. 

Peter, age 13

Tom and the boys arrived one Thursday night for mid-week services to find homeless 11 year old, Peter, who had been living in this battered church.


Tom's first thought was, "I'm not taking him home." Well, in the middle of the service, the Holy Spirit broke him down, and Tom began to weep. He took him home that night.

Peter is responsible for feeding the dogs and filling the water tanks every morning.

Figgins, age 18

Figgins was Ronaldo's friend, two years ago started visiting our home and staying over night on Friday nights. A month later he started staying Friday and Saturday nights. A month later 3 nights. Finally when he had been here two weeks straight, Tom asked if he wanted to live there. He was without a home in the village. Figgins is the child that is your favorite, yet your biggest challenge. You know that type.

Jhon, age 15

In May 2017 a fellow missionary who was moving stated side, said she had a boy living in her home, and he needed a place to stay.

I thought "no", I have 11, no more. However after a few pokes from the Holy Spirit, I let Jhon visit for a few days. Wow, what I found was a young man, very mature, a real leader, a real worker but most of alll....he was in love with Jesus. Jhon has become a great part of our family already.

Movado, age 14

While Tom was in the Dominican Republic for his surgery, one of his grown sons living on his own, told him about a 14 year old boy in his village whose mom died and he was homeless.


When Tom returned 'Mo' came to live at Tom's House.


Movado is a joker, and a dj. If a prank has been played, Mo did it.

Agousto, age 8

Junior, age 13

Jackie, age 15

Jimy, age 18

The Destine 4:


While visiting in the village one day, I met a young man and his dad. They both were named Jimy. Jimy sr had no job and Jimy jr went to school a long way away. He had to get up at 4am, in the dark get ready, no meal, take 4 different rides to get to school by 8. Didn't get home until nearly 6 pm.  I casually mentioned to the dad that I am close to the school and Jimy could stay with me Monday to Friday going to school then home in the weekends. They were excited about this. 

     Well Sunday came and Jimy showed up with his 8 year old brother. I said I didn't know he had a brother. He said yes, I have two more. Wow, Jimy 17, Agousto 8, Jackie 14 and junior 13.

      All four came to live with us during the school week. Mom and dad were so happy, they lived in a house as big as your bedroom, no job, kids were nearly starving. I agreed to stand in the gap while the dad found a job and they finished a house he had started building.


      When the house is finished the boys will be back with their folks where they belong full time, not just on the weekends.


Jimy is a great soccer player, very humble, very serious about learning. Jackie came and helped me cook. By week 3, he was cooking for 13, full time, every meal. My personal chef. Lol.  Jackie also is taking karate classes. Junior  loves basketball. Augousto and Dickie are best friends, they live to play soccer and jump on the trampoline.