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Village Help

Village help is the area of the ministry where the staff actually goes out into the village and talks to people to see what their needs are and if it is possible to help them meet that need.  This can cover a wide range of issues.  Here are a few.


Just visiting the people in their homes can enough to bring hope back to someone.  We visit the youth in our programs, elderly, shut-ins, injured and people in spiritual need or just someone needing a friendly face and a nice word.  In exchange we find out what the community needs.   We spend time talking to the people and praying with them.


Sharing our programs with the people and inviting them to join us for the service at Liberty Bible Church, inviting kids to the Youth Programs, Sports Ministry activities, English classes, finding families that are a good match for the Goat Program and more.

Couples Counseling and Weddings:  

If there is a need the mission might offer couples classes or host weddings at our Church.  Couples counseling is a great time to share Biblical principals and to get to know the people we serve on a personal level and weddings are a great time of joy for everyone.

Medical Transport or Referral:

Although it is not always in our budget to help pay for medical expenses we might be able to transport a sick person to a medical center or refer them to nearby help. In some cases we might ask for donations for medical care or set them up with a visiting medical team.  Sometimes the person just needs to be looked in on while they heal. Many people just need to be lifted up in prayer to start feeling better right away. 

Housing Issues:  

Weather it is helping someone fix their home to be more structurally sound, or helping them locate a place to rent, or possibly helping a family with funds, the staff at IYFM tries to determine need and balance it with our available resources as God provides them.

Funeral Services:

Sadly, death is a part of any community and here in Haiti there is not a lot available for funeral services.  This is a very real problem, sometimes God puts us in a place to help someone in St. Christophe, not just with the funeral, but also with dealing with the grief of thier loss. 

Food for Widows and Orphans:  

The Bible tells us to help widows and orphans and we do this as providing small portions of food as God provides food to us we share it with as many as possible. 

Community Events:

A village picnic, a mother's day surprise, a Christmas holiday party or other events that bring the community together and help us share the love of God with the people of St. Christophe are always good times to remember!

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