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Haiti Based Staff

Reynaldo Leger

Leadership Coordinator /Assistant Soccer Director

Clasimay Sexitant

Soccer Program / Driver/ Clean Water Assistant

Reggie Joseph

Bookkeeper / Manager Tom's House

Mario Paraison


Assistant Sports Ministry / Assistant Clean Water 

Jimitry Pierre

Special Projects / Groups / Leadership Training

Matthew McArthur

Soccer Mentoring Program Director

St. Fluer

Mission House Cleaning and Laundry

Herby Primas

English Teacher

Herby works for the ministry part-time while he attends medical school full-time.  

Besides teaching English he helps with translation and other programs as needed.

Manel Breton

Clean Water Director / Goat Program Administrator 

Deckenson Jean

Security/ Mission House/ Maintenance Man

James Desiler


Property Manager /Soccer Mentor

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