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Meet the IYFM Staff: Reggie Joseph

Bookkeeper/Mission House Manager

Several years ago, while Tom was working with Jesus in Haiti Mission they had a mentoring program. The kids who attended the program got one meal every day at the meetings. Reggie started in this program when he was 15. A little while later Reggie came to church one day and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior and was baptized shortly after that.

A few weeks after Reggie’s baptism, on a hot day in the middle of July, Tom saw Reggie walking down the road and stopped to offer him a bottle of water. Reggie looked at Tom and asked to come home with him. Tom joked that if Reggie came home with him he would never bring him back. Reggie did not understand it was a joke and took a long minute to think it over, then he got into the truck. Tom never took him back. From that time on Reggie lived at the mission house.

Reggie graduated from high school in 2014, then he went to the Dominican Republic to attend college. He worked hard and got his Business Degree before moving back to Haiti in 2016. He joined the Ignite Your Faith Ministries staff shortly after working as our bookkeeper and helping with our mentoring program.

Just about a month ago Reggie moved into the mission house to take over the position of Mission House Manager. In this position, Reggie is responsible for keeping track of all the kids who live in Mission House and managing the day to day needs of the house. He works together with Tom and St Fluer, the mission house housekeeper to make sure everyone gets the attention and discipline they need. He makes sure all the kids get to and from their activities and takes a huge load off Tom’s shoulders. All the kids also have chores and Reggie makes sure they follow through with them. He is also responsible for devotions and making sure school work is done. He is doing a really great job!

Reggie loves the Lord and playing and watching soccer. He has a black belt in karate. Please pray for Reggie as he adjusts to his new role as the Mission House Manager and keeps up with the bookkeeping at the mission.

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