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High School Group Visits the Mission

The following story was written by Lily, who is in Haiti right now with the team from BIshop Luers High School from Ft Wayne, Indiana. Their group has been doing fundraising and grant writing for several months and is participating in several parts of the ministry and doing a lot of projects. Please keep them in prayer for safety through this week and as they travel home. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Thoughts on our work day: Thursday (7/20) from Lily's view Hey ya'all it's Lily again and I cannot wait to share my thoughts with you on my amazing day!!! Today started at 7:30 A.M with a delicious breakfast of eggs, toast, and bacon. Then it was off to the church to help paint and build benches.

One of the greatest things that I have learned the last couple days was that Haitians can be some of the hardest workers you may ever meet. There were young men at the church who came to see what we were doing, and they were so intrigued by the benches we were building. These young men were willing to listen to and help some high school kids complete the projects. Just think: where in America do you ever see grown men joyfully and willingly taking gentle "orders" from kids at least ten or fifteen years younger then them? Also. you don't always expect people to go completely out of their way just to make sure they do their jobs right. But this afternoon, not only all of these boys and men go completely out of their way just to do a job right, they did the job with a smile. Not a single complaint came from anyone. The benches were beautiful and these men truly know what the word "pride" truly means.

After an exciting, long morning we sat down and enjoyed an amazing meal that God had blessed us with. I, for the first time, got to enjoy the taste of real fresh mangoes. They were so delicious!!!!! Throughout the morning we also were able to hold and play with so many Haitian kids! I once again go to hold so many babies from the moment we drove up to the church to the moment we drove away. It made my heart truly melt!! These Haitian kids are so easily entertained by the simplest game such as hand games. It truly made me realize that sometimes with the amount of material items we have, we still are not satisfied, unlike these kids. For instance, how many times in America have we talked about how bored we are? In Haiti, these kids have an imagination! I truly believe that the word bored will never leave the mouth of any Haitian!

Then in mid-afternoon we headed back to the guest house to relax for a while and once again enjoy a nice meal made by our amazing cooks. These women are so amazing and always have a smile on their face. While after dinner, the boys from Tom's home came and we got celebrate Dickie's birthday. It was so neat because we were able to learn his story and how he ended up at Tom's home which was so sweet. We also got to hear them sing "Happy Birthday" in both French and Creole. It was such a treat!!

I honestly cant believe it's going to be our fifth day in Haiti. Everyday is an eye-opening adventure that causes my life to be impacted more and more each day. The people down here not only have a big hearts, they truly know how live everyday to the fullest finding hope in every situation good or bad. My life has been changed forever and I truly see Haitians as a role model in my life. These Haitians are truly are examples as followers on Christ, whether they know it or not. I truly and will always treasure Haiti in my heart for ever and ever.


To find out more about their visit please visit the blog they are writing about the trip.

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