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school funding project 2019

We are looking for donations for the upcoming school year here in Haiti. The education of both, my boys and the village kids is extremely important. With your generous donations we will be able to provide Tuition, Books, Book Bags, Uniforms, and Shoes for our students this year! Please note the list below which outlines the cost for each item specifically. Our goal this year is to raise $12,000! We hope that you will take this opportunity to partner with us and invest in the education of the Haitian people. Monthly sponsorship is $50 a month per student. Please click on the link below to help us reach our goal! 

$12,000 GOAL

Progress Meter

Each child will need the following items:

1. Back pack - $16

2. Belt - $5

3. Shoes - $16

4. Underclothes - $20

5. Socks - $5

6. Uniforms - $40

7. Books - $125

8. Registration - $78

9. Tuition for 3 months - $180


Total per child: $485

As each donation is received, the meter will rise until the goal is met! Please choose the "Schooling" option under categories when giving to this project online. 

Additional Costs:


1. College tuition for Jimison - $700


2. American school for Jean and Dickie - $1500


3. Figgens's trade school - $500


4. Help for church children - $1500

These are the students we need sponsors for this year. Please take some time to get to know them by reading the short bio beneath each picture. If you desire to make a monthly gift you can sponsor a child for $50 a month. If you would like to sponsor a specific child please leave a note with your gift that specifies which child you would like to sponsor. Once a child has been sponsored their picture will appear in gray. General donations to this project are appreciated as well.



Peter is 15. I found him 3 years ago sleeping in the church we were using. He lives with me now and loves soccer and bike riding.



Dickie is 10. I raised his dad Deckenson and due to him working 3rd shift I began raising him 7 years ago. His dad lives with us and is our maintenance man. I'm grandpa! Dickie loves soccer and speaks the best English in the group.



Figgins is 19. I found him abandoned in the village 3 years ago. He loves soccer and sleep. He is very behind in school so he is going to trade school to learn to be a mechanic and an electrician. He's very excited!



Jackie is 16. He is our cook and can fix anything. He makes and sells bracelets, trains in Taekwando, and loves all sports.



Rony is 18. He was the first boy in the bunch to come live with me. We found him in the village living with his sister and her husband under a tarp. He loves church, praise music, and his girlfriend.



Jean is 16 years old. His mom died when he was young and he raised himself on the streets. He ended up living with a missionary who eventually left Haiti and asked me to take him. He loves to play soccer and is a wiz on Bible trivia.



Richard is 18 years old.



Augusto is 10. He is the brother of Jimy, Jackie, and Junior. They were in a bad situation in the village and came to live with me 2 years ago. He loves soccer, video games, and watching TV.



James is 14 years old and his nickname is Zwazo which means "bird" in creole (he loves birds). After his parents were killed by voodoo he lived with his aunt who ended up in our prison program. She asked me to take him in and I did.



Mo is 15 and has lived with me for 2 years. His mom died and he was put out on the street by the landlord. He was living on the street when someone told me about him. He loves to DJ and play soccer. 



Junior is 15. He is a brother to Jimy, Jackie, and Augusto. They were in a bad situation in the village and came to live with me 2 years ago. He loves to workout and play soccer.



Bony is 18. I found him in an abandoned building 14 years ago. We got his mom a house and hired her at our school. She died in the 2010 earth quake and Bony came to live with me. He loves soccer and music.



Jimy is 18 and is a brother to Jackie, Junior, and Augusto. They were in a bad situation in the village and came to live with me 2 years ago. Jimy is starting college to be a gynecologist. He loves soccer and has the nickname "Messi".



Emerson is 16 years old.

Thank you for your investment in the lives of these precious children of God!

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