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  • Pierre Jimitry

Meet the Staff: Pierre Jimitry

(AKA Jimitry Pierre or Jimmy)

Prison Ministry Leader / English Teacher / Translator

My name is Pierre Jimtry. I am 23. I grew up in a Christian family with 2 sisters and 4 more brothers. I accepted Jesus as my savior when I was just 10 years old and have been trying to follow Him in my life and work ever since.

I have always had a passion for languages so when I was in junior high school, I went to an institute to learn English. I found the language was so good and sweet to speak. The year before the earthquake, I had some financial problems I couldn’t afford to pay the tuition, so when I was in senior, I started cutting class to do a little job.

My first job was at the same institute, I worked as a teacher I taught level 1. I started teaching English while I was still at school, but nobody knew. After I graduated from high school, I attended a trade school to learn projects management and leadership. While learning that I kept following my passion for languages, so I went to a language school to learn English and Spanish.

After that, I had another job at an organization called Haiti Share teaching English classes. I taught English there for almost 3 years.

While I was with Haiti Share I met so many good people. One of the best friends I have never ever had before was Hilde Boeck, she was from Germany. She began to teach me some German and her culture and I did great. One day I told her that I wanted to have a degree in German but it is so expensive here and then I needed another job. She told me about a Facebook page where a lot of missionaries post things they to sell or buy.

So, I logged in and said: my name is Jimitry Pierre I speak English, French, Spanish, and a bit German if you have some troubles and want a translator, contact me with no hesitation. Some hours later, I received a text message that man was Tom he said; I want you to work at IYFM he was in the States and planned to meet me as soon as he comes back.

I started at IYFM as a volunteer. Tom wanted to visit the Youth Prison and he said every time he tried they denied him. I said my dad works there so I can help and a week later we got in the prison. So, now I work at IYFM as the English teacher and translator on every Sunday mornings and responsible for the prison ministry.

My favorite thing about working with Ignite Your Faith Ministries is being a part of the visitation when we go out and meet the all the people. I especially like meeting all the kids and just know I am going to fall in love with all of them and can't wait to see them learning and growing. It makes me so grateful to God for everything he has done in my life....eternal life, health, jobs.....every single thing.

I would love to ask you all to pray for Ignite Your Faith Ministries daily, it means so much to all of us here in Haiti to know you are praying for us. Also, please pray for me personally as I wait on God for something special I feel he has put inside of me. That when the time comes I will shine through the darkness for Christ. Pray that I will always be courageous and faithful toward my Haitian folks.

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