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  • Lillian Blackburn


Over 37,900 people in Haiti are still living in temporary camps set up over 7 years ago after the 2010 Earthquake? The photo attached is an example of such a camp.

In the years since the earthquake over 1.5 million People have been relocated from camps, but the government is still working to relocate the rest of these people.

In some cases, the people who got into these camps were 'the lucky ones'. Many people just stumbled into the hills and started over again without any help from the government or foreign agencies.

Most of the people who came to St Christophe were among the people who did not have such government resources and they went 5 years with pretty much no help at all.

Just two years ago Thomas Osbeck, came to the area and founded Ignite Your Faith Ministries. He and his team have been there working with the people ever since. Humanitarian Aid and Sustainability are important functions of the ministry. However, even more important is being there to tell the people that God loves them and has a plan for their lives.

Now people of St Christophe are very fortunate to have a place of worship, where they can hear the word of God and get to know Him on a personal level. Meeting the spiritual needs of the people of St.Christophe is always a priority of IYFM.

We also offer several other programs and resources to the people here in St Christophe. Please take a minute to visit our website and find out more about the work we are doing at IYFM.

Please pray for the people of Haiti and ask God what you can do to be part of the solution. Thank You!

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