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Praise Report : Salengro age 15

What a blessing to be a part of the solution for this your man. Back in March, Salengro’s mother had left to try to find work, leaving Salengro in the care of relatives. The relatives, it turns out, were not able to care for him. He was not eating and had no place to sleep. He had fallen into a depression and had given up all hope. Tom became aware of the situation and offered him a home as long as he needed one at the mission house.

Sal, for short, was finally able to find the love and support he needed and has come a long way in a short time. Today Salengro is a happy and caring teen who loves soccer and does well in school. While living at the mission house, Sal has learned a lot about God through bible studies, devotions and attending church. We never push the boys to make a decision for Christ, but show them that God loves them and has a plan for them. We are still praying for Salengro on this matter.

A short time ago, Salengro’s mother found a job, and has been able to set up a space for her and Salengro to live and he is transitioning to live with her again. As much as she wanted to be reunited with her son, Sal's mom hesitated to take him back because there was no way she could send him to school. We had already made a commitment to this young man and felt it was best for him to be reunited with his mom who loves him so much. IYFM agreed to help her out this term with schooling as we transition him back to her.

We are hoping the two of them will be able to make it on their own and have promised to pray for them and keep in touch with them as they rebuild their life together as a family, which of course now includes everyone at IYFM and everyone who supports us.

Thank you for helping us give this young man his hope back and the chance to plant the seeds of salvation. We really could not have done it without you!

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