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Visiting Missionary - Katie Joy Williams

Katie Joy was visiting Ignite Your Faith Ministries on location in Haiti this past week and here is her point of view on the trip.


My name is Katie Williams, I'm 19 years old, I live in Southern Illinois. I recently took my first international mission trip to Haiti to work with Ignite Your Faith Ministries. Ever since I was little I always learned about people going to different countries to teach others about God, saw pictures of what the places looked like, and wished that someday God would send me out of the country if it was ever God's plan for me. This trip has definitely been eye opening to me, and to visualize some of the stuff I've seen with my own two eyes has been life changing. I really felt like God kept coming after me and telling me that Haiti is the place he wanted me to go to, so I began praying about it..and before long I knew that I was supposed to go. There were 6 people who went from my church and their names are Paul, Sarah, Rebecca, Nikki, Darryl, and me. I enjoyed the fellowship I had with them, was able to look up to them, learn from them, and have many good times with them.

Thursday, July 6th we arrived at the airport and we met Tom and his boys. We loaded up our luggage in his truck, and drove to the place we stayed at.

Friday July 7th, we went to the church and met the rest of Tom's boys and the staff members. They were all very nice and welcoming. Later that day we went to the villages where we invited people to church, and talked to people about Jesus. I remember seeing some of their homes, and how much they didn't have. We obviously saw physical needs, but we saw a lot of spiritual needs as well.

Saturday July 8th, we had a kids club in the morning, and in the afternoon Darryl started going through the books of the bible starting in Genisis. He would say it in english, and there was a translator who translated his words in creole since a lot of them didn't know English, or knew very little English.

Sunday July 9th, we went to church and worshiped, Rebecca and Sarah taught the Jonah lesson for Children's church. We went back to the house, and visited with Tom and his boys more. I tried playing soccer with them, but they were just too good.

Monday July 10th, We went back to the village and we had the water truck day. We thought the truck was going to be there earlier but it didn't end up coming until a couple hours after. In the time while we waited we played with some children that were walking around, some waiting for water, and some just wanting someone to love on them. The water truck did come though, and it filled up several barrels. We then had buckets and we would scoop water into what they brought. It was very hard to see what these people do for water. For a lot of them its the only water they get, some use it to cook with, bathe with, drink with and to see them so desperately in need for water a necessity in life was heartbreaking.

Tuesday July 11th, The men were at the church finishing up the roof and getting that all finished. The women and some of the boys went to the beach and we swam.

Wednesday July 12th, We went out for a little drive about an hour away to a ministry where there was a children's home. We played with them, cuddled them, prayed for them, and loved on them.

Thursday July 13th, We had the second training session. Darryl finished the old testament. After we had a women's study group and it was the ladies from our group plus two others who got to attend.

Friday July 14th, Darryl went through the new testament. So by the end of this training the staff, and his boys got a brief storyline of the Bible in 6 hours. After the ladies had another group-which many more women came this time and we had a lot of great discussions.

Saturday July 15th, We went to Hattie-Cotin to a place called Farming God's way and learned about his ministry. He gave us a tour of the place, and we all had kids come up to each of us, grabbing our hands, wanting to be held and loved on. I thought I have saw it all, but these people had nothing. If they had homes, it was homes made out of mud. A lot of the kids didn't have shoes and there was glass, rocks everywhere, some weren't clothed, and a lot of them just didn't heave anything.

Sunday July 16th, We had church and I actually got the opportunity to sing with Herby and Rebecca. We said our goodbyes and then right after church we went to the airport to catch our flight.

I pray for the country of Haiti and I hope and pray that God will send me back to Haiti again. I was truly happy there, and I was around such joyful people everyday. I got to hear some of their stories and how much tragic and loss they've been through, and yet they are smiling and are genuinely happy. I was very inspired. It has really made me think about my own life, and how blessed. This trip has been eye opening and life changing for me, and I pray that I'll be able to come back!

The Great Commission …18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey all that I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”…

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