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So, How Did the Walk of Flame Go?


Hi from Haiti,

Wow, this past week has been awesome! Sorry for the delay on updating you all with the Walk of Flame. We did the 5-mile wal. OOPS, it turned out to be 6 1/2 miles as one of our visiting girls had a pedometer. It was a nice hot sunny day here in Haiti, getting up to 101 degrees that day with high humidity. So, we were feeling the flames!

It was very encouraging to me that my entire staff was with me, plus two American missionaries who have been helping us this week. Five of my boys also joined us, including our youngest Walk the Flame participant to date 7 year old, Dickie. Great start of the day as everyone was on time. We took a moment to pray together and make sure everyone had a bunch of tracts to give out along the way, then we were off.

I was blown away at the aggressiveness of our staff as they were like shepherds looking for lost sheep.

They pursued everyone, gently gave them a tract, spoke a word and a smile, then moved on. I was last and was shocked at what I saw.... every single person that had a tract, and they were reading them. Hundreds and hundreds as I walked, were sitting, intently reading these gospel tracks. At one point, in a comer where motorcycles waited for passengers, ten drivers were all reading these tracts. Amazing.

I had no idea the hunger people had to read about God. We could have passed out 20,000 but, unfortunately, we only had 4000. That's ok, I'm confident that God chose the people he wanted, to receive His word. Next time, we will make sure to have more tracts to share with everyone.

It's not our job to save anyone. It is our job to share the gospel. We have to allow the Holy Spirit to do His thing. We did leave contact numbers along the way, so people can reach us if they want to.

At one point, our Pastor Moise handed two men a tract, the one said "you should give us money instead". The man with him said "hey, this is more valuable than any money he could give". Amen.

We had our truck that Matthew and Clasimay took turns driving, with cold water and juice. They would go up a mile and wait, then we could grab a drink as we went by.

Besides the gospel being put in the hands of thousands, and hopefully more read the tract, several other positives came from this experience.

For me personally, remember there was a time when I was in a wheel chair, many years I've used a cane with my terrible rheumatoid for me to make, this hike, is very encouraging.

Also, it was a great team builder. The whole team had a ball walking, laughing, meeting people, it was very cool. Okay, not cool in that way, it was 101 degrees.

Truth time, I walked 5 of the 6 1/2 miles. One long stretch on the highway, I drove so the boys could walk and took a break with Dickie but.... I think I did 77 percent of the walk, give me some credit.

So, a great, great day. It is our hope to extend the Walk of Flame to your neighborhood next year. You get your church together, get sponsorships to donate to IYFM and select a 5 mile route to walk and hand out tracts to your neighbors which share to gospel and the work we do here in Haiti.


Thanks for your interest in our ministry, if one person finds Christ, or is drawn to Him, it was all worth it, Even if not, it was worth it because we were obedient. Thanks for your support and prayers.


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