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Education Programs

English Classes

IYFM offers English classes at the mission for people who want to learn.  Learning English opens some doors for these people for jobs and furthering their education in other areas.

IYFM School

IYFM is gearing up to open the doors of our mission to a new school in the 2018-2019 school year.

This school would provide otherwise uneducated children in the kindergarten - 6th grades a safe place to learn and grow.  Starting in or around January 2018 we will begin taking sponsors for an estimated 100 new students. With prepayment options or monthly options starting July 2018.

The sponsorships will be around $49.00 per month and will cover breakfast every school day, lunch every school day, clean water on school days, books, school supplies, teacher and staff salaries, and small sleeping pad, pillow and blanket for children who do not have bedding at home.

We will also take one time donations for larger items that the school may need TBD as we get closer to the date.

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